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About Presta Goods

How We Got Here

We (Sean and Marisa Allen) started Presta Goods LLC in April 2016. The night we bought our web site domain we were brimming. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do, but to us it symbolically kicked off the start of something we have been dreaming about for a long time. Doing something new—especially that you love—really energizes us. With five growing kids….we could use some more energy.

So why Presta Goods? Why aren’t we starting a drop-shipping company? Or reselling widgets?

Answer: We love to serve people. It is satisfying to craft something with our own hands and then give it to someone. We want whatever we make to be beautiful and personal. It’s a gift! We think God left some things undone because He wanted to see us take something raw and shape it into something beautiful and whole. What is it worth then, if when we are done we keep it to ourselves? We want to give people a sense, with the things we make, that there is a loving God who knows them. That’s why we love making things. It just happens we make lip balms!

Why lip balms and bath/beauty products?

This shop came to life out of Marisa’s own personal desire for natural, simple, useful products that actually worked (and wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin). In her own words: I’ve struggled with eczema for many years, but when I went to see a doctor about it, he prescribed creams and ointments that weren’t safe to use during pregnancy. So why would I want to use them the rest of the time? I wanted to get away from harsh, synthetic chemicals and see what simple, time-tested resources from nature could do. I started experimenting with making my own lip balms and lotion bars, and was literally dancing in the kitchen after filling my first big batch of lip balm tubes. Sean encouraged me to keep making bath and beauty items and spread the joy of these simple, satisfying products.

A short time ago we didn’t make anything. We just talked about it…a lot. And maybe at some point we will find a new passion and start making something new. Today, though, we make lip balms, and soaps, and have a few other ideas along those lines. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

The name “Presta” comes from the Spanish verb prestar, which means to give or to lend. This venture is a labor of love, our gift to you.

Homemade Natural Soap
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