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Team Tropics or Team Mountains?

For many people, the ideal vacation involves a tropical vacation, filled with warm sunshine, sandy beaches, lush vegetation and fragrant flowers.

For others it may be a cozy cabin tucked away into the woods, surrounded by pine trees, crunching through crisp snow, snuggling by crackling fireplaces, savoring hot drinks, and maybe slaying some ski slopes.

Whatever your dream getaway looks like, what are some ways you can incorporate that kind of feeling into your everyday life? We don't get to go on elaborate, exotic trips all the time, but we CAN make time for a little bit of refreshment and try to capture the vacay vibe, even during the craziness of normal life.

Vacay vibes at home may look like....

Choosing to make time to read a chapter in that book on your nightstand.

Taking 5 minutes away from work to focus on breathing deeply and getting in tune with your body in its physical space.

Going for a walk, doing yoga, or whatever form of exercise is enjoyable to you, gets your blood flowing, and boosts your mood (and your metabolism).

Preparing a nutritious, flavorful meal and taking your time to do it, enjoying the process... not getting it done as fast as possible because you're crunched for time and you have hangry family members pestering you about what's for dinner.

It might look like painting your nails, or taking a bath, or scheduling a coffee date with a friend.

Whatever you need to feel refreshed and energized, schedule time for yourself to do THAT. And it won't require a plane ticket to another location.

You can find rest and rejuvenation right where you are, and it is worth it to prioritize it in your life. What will you do today to nurture your mental, physical, or spiritual health? Pick one thing you aren't doing regularly, add it to your week, and see how you feel! Let me know in the comments what you did, and how you felt afterward. We have so many choice to make every day. Make one that benefits you so you can thrive.

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